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Bar Queens | The Queens Chalice Wedding Bar Design

Cheers to Unforgettable Corporate Holiday Events

Welcome to The Queens Chalice, where we turn holiday gatherings into extraordinary experiences.

Elevate your corporate holiday event with our exclusive beverage services that blend sophistication, innovation, and a touch of festive magic.

The Ultimate Holiday Statement Bar™ Experience

Crafting Memorable Moments

Indulge in the holiday spirit with our Signature Statement Bar™, a visual masterpiece designed to complement your corporate event. Immerse your guests in a winter wonderland of flavors with festive cocktails, mocktails, and a curated selection of seasonal beverages.


Customized Winter Menu:

Our Bar Specialists create enchanting drinks inspired by the season.

Elegant Holiday Decor:

The Statement Bar™ adorned with festive elements for a touch of glamour.

Professional Staffing:

Our team ensures seamless service, leaving you free to enjoy the celebration.

You’re not alone.
Thousands of creative wedding enthusiasts just like you get stuck at the beginning. You need a customized roadmap for your bar production that’s easy to follow. And we can create it for you.
Wedding Bar Services With Bar Queens

Elegant Bar Planning and Production.

The Queens Chalice offers more than just mobile bar services - it takes more than scheduling a few hands to pour drinks to curate the right bar experience that accentuates such a significant celebration. 


Our team owns the bar planning and production from start to finish, including menu design, inventory management, bartop design, setup and breakdown of the bar - and everything in between.


We want our clients to not only confidently navigate their bar planning process, but also revel in the magic of a production that elevates their event experience.

Wedding Bar Services With Bar Queens
Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 9.36.22 PM.png

At The Queens Chalice, we believe in creating not just events but lasting memories. Elevate your corporate holiday celebration with our unique beverage experiences. Book your date today and let the festivities begin!

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