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Bar Queens | The Queens Chalice Wedding Bar Design

You can plan an exceptional bar experience that fully services your guests.

You know that your bar setup will impact your guests’ experience.

The thought of planning the bar is exciting, but your procrastination kicks in as soon as you remember there’s not much info on how to begin that process.


You KNOW that you need to check this task off your to-do list and get your bar details finalized as soon as possible.

Coordinating the bar setup can feel intimidating.

We know because we’ve been there.

You don’t know where to start in the planning process because you can’t find much guidance online.

You’re not a frequent drinker yourself, so you don’t know what to offer or how much to buy.

Finding a vendor with the right certifications and insurance is hard because you don’t even know what to ask.

You want to make sure your guests have a great time, but not to the point of being unsafe.

You’re not alone.
Thousands of creative wedding enthusiasts just like you get stuck at the beginning. You need a customized roadmap for your bar production that’s easy to follow. And we can create it for you.
Wedding Bar Services With Bar Queens

Elegant Bar Planning and Production.

The Queens Chalice offers more than just mobile bar services - it takes more than scheduling a few hands to pour drinks to curate the right bar experience that accentuates such a significant celebration. 


Our team owns the bar planning and production from start to finish, including menu design, inventory management, bartop design, setup and breakdown of the bar - and everything in between.


We want our clients to not only confidently navigate their bar planning process, but also revel in the magic of a production that elevates their event experience.

Wedding Bar Services With Bar Queens

What's Included:

Bar Planning Guidance related to navigating the legalities of properly setting up a bar.

Menu Design - we’ll curate 2 signature drink recipes, a shopping list and/or inventory supply that calculates exact volumes necessary to last the entire duration of the event, beverage recommendations, and design a customized display menu for the bar top. 

Setup & Breakdown of the bar area, including organization of the bar display, bar supplies, trained bar specialists, and on-site trash disposal at the close of the event.

A Production Itinerary that maps out the details of the event schedule so that our team can quickly check in and check out with the event coordinator with ease throughout the event.

Up to 5 Hours of Service, 2 hours of Setup, and 2 hours of Breakdown are included in all service packages (excluding standalone Menu Design). Additional hours can be included for any event. 

Installment plans available on select services.

Types of Services


Hause of Queens

Bar Queens | The Queens Chalice Hause of Queens Staff
Bar Queens | The Queens Chalice Hause of Queens Bar Setup

Are you looking for a team of trained bar professionals to command your bar? We’ve got you covered!


Our bar specialists pride themselves on the premium experience we provide for our clients while remaining flexible enough to match any social event. We can support any event size, but also provide the full bar setup and management throughout your event.


We’ll show up with a Garnish Tray, Serving/Shot Tray, Napkin/Straw Holder, Beverage Napkins and Stirrers. You just direct us to where the beverages are stored and we’ll take care of the rest!

Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 9.36.22 PM.png

Ready to get organized and finalize the details of your event's bar?

Don’t let your event’s bar experience fall short for your guests. Finalize your menu design, staffing, and all-inclusive catering all in one place.

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