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3 Popular Cocktail Catering Options to Consider For Your Wedding

"Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” - Margaret Mead

Dear Wedding Enthusiast,

As you plan for your wedding day, you'll likely come across various decisions that need to be made. What type of food should you serve? What kind of decorations will best match your theme? What type of wedding bartending service should you choose? You may not have thought about it before, but all mobile bartending services are not created equally. This is why you must take careful consideration into the hiring, which could make or break your special day. But let's dive in and explore different types of bartending services and who they're best suited for.

Full Bar Service

Full bar service may be the right choice for couples looking to provide their guests with a wide selection of drinks. This style of service includes all beverages served at the bar—everything from beer and wine to top-shelf spirits and craft cocktails. Full bar service is best suited for weddings with large guest lists since it requires more staff, supplies, and equipment. You may find a full bar service during the cocktail hour + reception.

Beer & Wine Bar Service

If you're planning a financially conscious wedding, then a beer & wine bar service may be the way to go. This style of service offers an economical approach that allows guests to enjoy a few libations. With this in mind, beer & wine bar services will assist with keeping the mood light and perfect for a reception-only event.


W.W.Insight: Your wedding bar experience doesn't have to be stressful, and you are not alone! Your bar vendor should offer various services to customize and personalize your needs. This can include the types of ingredients for your signature cocktails, local beers for that home-grown celebration, and wine options that your mother-in-love can sip on all night!


Signature Cocktails Only

Consider setting up a signature cocktail bar to add something unique to your wedding reception! Many couples opt for this service as it gives guests something special that can capture their personalities as a couple—plus, it adds some extra flair (and flavor!) to your big day! Signature cocktail-only bars are ideal for cocktail hour.


As you can see, whether you decide on a full bar service for a diverse event experience or a signature cocktail bar to showcase your love story, the goal is to opt for a service that will exceed your needs while creating unforgettable memories on your special day!

Ready to create the bar experience of your dreams? The Queens Chalice wants to hear from you!

Signed — The W.W


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