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Say 'I Do' to Zero-Proof Cocktails: A Must-Have Addition to Your Wedding Bar Menu

For an artist, there's nothing better than having the opportunity to create a world that doesn't- but could exist. ― Christophe Lautrette.

Dear Wedding Enthusiasts,

Congratulations! You’re engaged and starting to plan the wedding of your dreams. You have many decisions to make, from the venue to your ideal bar service. However, why not step out of the box and offer zero-proof cocktails a part of your bar menu?

Including zero-proof cocktails is an exceptional incentive to provide for your guests who are either underage or non-alcoholic drinkers or an opportunity to quench the thirst of your beloved guests upon their venue arrival.

There's no need for your guest's to bomb-rush the bar to drink before you say, "I do." With plenty of time to take in the festivities and celebration, zero-proof offerings will provide a sweet balance of something in hand without the immediate liquor demand.

After all, this is YOUR day, and no one will take that way from you. Not even your signature Pomegranate Margarita!

So, let’s walk hand-in-hand and explore why you should consider adding zero-proof cocktails to your bar menu.

What Are Zero-Proof Cocktails?

A zero-proof cocktail is a spirit-free beverage dressed with a combination of juices, syrups, and herbs. They are delicious and offer something special for guests who don’t or choose not to consume alcohol-inspired beverages.

Furthermore, these drinks are highly inclusive! This means your signature cocktails can have a zero-proof rendition to provide a supportive aspect for everyone without any of your guests feeling excluded and limited to just the Cranberry and Ginger-ale mixers.

Benefits of Offering Zero-Proof Cocktails One of the main benefits of adding zero-proof cocktails is that they can be prepared similarly to our host's signature cocktails. The techniques and tools used to curate the non-alcoholic beverages can still offer the production effect with the... other effects 😉.


W.W.Insight: Cross contamination is a serious deal when you have alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages operating from the same bar location. Your bartending service provider should have a separate set of tools and shakers to curate the zero-proof's without any trace of alcohol. Alternatively, a separate 'hydration station' can be set up with a zero-proof punch batched out as a self-service option. Work with your service provider to establish a proper cadence for this if this is not a current offering.


Additionally, offering zero-proof cocktails will help ensure everyone at your wedding has access to delicious drinks regardless of their preference or dietary restrictions. Finally, they add a unique twist to traditional bar menus by providing guests with something unexpected and that thoughtful 'WOW' factor!

Types of Zero-Proof Cocktails

The Bubbly Bubbly options are typically made with sparkling wine or club soda, but you can create a delicious non-alcoholic version with ginger ale or lemon-lime soda. Add fresh fruit like Blueberries or Blood oranges for extra flavor and a garnish like fresh Basil or edible flowers for a touch of luxury. This type of cocktail looks incredibly stunning when served in champagne flutes and is perfect for making a toast at your wedding reception.

Mocktails Popular mocktail recipes include Shirley Temples (ginger ale and grenadine), virgin sangria (apple juice, orange juice, club soda), and virgin mojitos (mint leaves, lime juice, and club soda). Mocktails are highly versatile, so you can create almost any flavor combination you can think of—remember to use quality ingredients! Herbal Elixirs Try herbal elixirs if you’re looking for something unique that adds an extra touch of luxury to your big day! They require slightly more effort than other types of zero-proof cocktails because you need to infuse herbs into simple syrup ahead of time. Popular herbs in herbal elixirs include rosemary, lavender, thyme, sage, basil, bay leaves, and dandelion root; however, many other flavorful options are also available. Once infused into syrup form, these herbs will add an earthy flavor profile to any beverage blend — perfect for serving at an outdoor event in springtime!


Your wedding should be about creating memories that last forever – so why not add a bit of luxury and excitement into the mix? Offering zero-proof cocktails provides guests with a wide array of flavors. Personalize your bar menu by working closely with your cocktail catering company for inspiration. Incorporating zero-proof cocktails will provide guests with delicious alternatives that will compliment any alcoholic beverage option. Whether it’s 'The Bubbly' or Herbal Elixirs that you are after there are plenty of ways to spice up your bar menu with zero-proof cocktails that all your guests will love!

Numbers don't lie Pinterest predictions have dubbed mocktails the most-searched-for beverage choice. Check it out, then come back here and connect with the Bar Experts to help you cultivate your own Zero-Proof Wedding offering. Talk to you soon!

Signed — The W.W


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