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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Inquiries Answered.

Is your team certified to serve our event?

  • Our bar specialists have a professional background and working experience as true hospitality pros.

  • Our vetting process allows our team to select qualified team members who can provide exceptional service through previous experiences ranging from operating to managing a bar.

  • Each team member is required to have an updated ServSafe Certification or similar to work on an event. 

  • In addition: Our company is equipped with general liability + liquor liability insurance for our client's peace of mind and ours. 

  • Insurance policies can be provided upon request.

Can I choose how many Bar Specialists I have at my event?

In short, no. With over several years in the industry, efficiency is one of our keys to successfully providing an upper-echelon experience (this includes the correct number of Bar Specialists per event).

  •  We take pride in our countless hours of event planning-research and development and has established a systematic approach to our scheduling and booking.

  • We have set the number of Bar Specialists required based on attendance.

Can I extend the service hours needed for my event?

We can accommodate an extension of service hours should your event require more than five hours of service. 

  • Our extension rate is $150/hour for events with less than 250 guests

  • Our extension rate is $250/hr for more than 250 guests

The client can request an extension of service hours up to 30 days before the date of your event. This gives our team enough time to prepare and purchase additional supplies accordingly.

Simplify Your Bar Setup.

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